Earthy Now high-CBD, low-THC cannabis Pre-Roll. Hawaiian Haze strain

Cannabis Flower Pre-Rolls: Hawaiian Haze

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Up to 20% Total Cannabinoids per Strain | 1g per Pre-Roll

Earthy’s High-CBD, Low-THC Cannabis Pre-Roll is packed with a gram of great tasting bud with a potent terpene profile. It produces a range of effects from clear-headed alertness & energy to calm & relaxation.

Hawaiian Haze is a mellow evening type of strain from Hawaiian and Haze genetics. This funky tropical strain developed by Oregon CBD is perfect for keeping calm throughout the day and easing into a peaceful evening. The aromas of lime, diesel, earthy berry, and hops work together for relaxing effects and a vacation for your head. Life’s a beach!

100% natural and always free from chemicals or additives. Our smooth hitting premium flower is grown in the U.S.A. using organic practices and hand-manicured. The full-spectrum bud is loaded with cannabinoids for a full entourage effect from the CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBGA, THCA and THCV present in each joint.

Triple-checked for a “no shorties” guarantee. We use unbleached raw papers and filters for a natural slow burn and the best flavor out there. Farm Bill compliant. Sealed in a child-resistant tube for safety and freshness.

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