CBD oil and pet care

Every doting pet owner wants the best for their baby. Thus, pet owners increasingly turn to alternative, holistic approaches to address their pets’ wellness concerns. One such option gaining popularity is CBD oil, derived from the hemp plant. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in humans and animals [1]. This article delves into the world of CBD oil for cats and dogs, focusing on its potential benefits and addressing common questions.

Historical use of CBD for pets and humans

The historical use of cannabinoids traces back centuries, with various cultures recognizing what each considered therapeutic properties of hemp plants. For instance, ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations utilized hemp for its beneficial qualities [2]. Fast forward to the present day, and humans are rediscovering the many benefits of cannabinoids for themselves and their beloved dogs and cats.

Though there is more historical documentation of cannabis use among humans, there are some accounts regarding its use with animals over the centuries. For example, the Ancient Greeks used the plant for addressing wounds and worms in humans and horses. In more recent centuries, cannabis has been used in medications as well [3].

More recent developments in CBD for dogs, cats, and humans

Currently, hemp products with CBD oil are available nationwide and used for myriad wellness benefits. For example, some use these products to promote relaxation, while others seek the entourage effect for elevated wellness [4]. The entourage effect, a synergy among cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds, potentially elevates the impact of the cannabinoids [5].

Can Pets Take CBD?

Scientific research regarding CBD benefits for pets

Scientific interest in CBD’s effects on pets has grown, leading to an increasing number of studies exploring its potential benefits. For example, researchers have found CBD’s potential benefits may include support and assistance in physical discomfort [8]. However, these studies are not conclusive. Even so, the findings contribute to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of CBD oil in veterinary care.

Unveiling the potential of cannabinoids in pet health

Our evolving understanding of cannabinoids offers insightful glimpses into their potential impact on the well-being of our beloved pets.

Recent researchers drew several general conclusions from an animal study of cannabinoids’ effects on animals:

  1. Cannabinoids and their natural role: Cannabinoids are likely integral to the natural processes of an animal’s physical sensation, movement control, and memory regulation [9]. As pet owners explore the benefits of CBD products, they may tap into the potential of these compounds to support their pets’ overall health.
  2. Multifaceted role in immune systems: Researchers recognize that cannabinoid interaction is multifaceted and warrants further exploration [9]. As research progresses in the realm of pet wellness, the potential immune system benefits of CBD and hemp oil for pets may become clearer, offering wisdom for holistic support.
  3. Brain tolerance development: As pet parents seek solutions like CBD treats, full-spectrum CBD oil, and CBD balm, it’s helpful to understand how animal brains adapt to and benefit from these compounds [9].
  4. Responsible dosing yields rewards: Researchers note the importance of dosage regarding cannabinoid administration to dogs, cats, and other animals [9]. This nuanced understanding encourages the responsible and informed use of CBD for pets. In other words, pet owners should consider factors such as serving size, quality of product, and the specific conditions. It’s crucial to communicate with a veterinarian .

The evolving landscape of cannabinoid research in pet wellness support provides pet parents with valuable insights into the potential benefits of CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD, and other hemp-based products. As the industry grows, pet owners are wise to stay informed, consult with veterinarians, and explore the diverse range of high-quality CBD products to support their furry companions.

Success stories from pet owners

Numerous pet owners share their success stories after incorporating Earthy Now’s Pet CBD Oil into their pets’ wellness routines. Here are some reviews highlighting the positive impact of CBD oil on pets:

  • Testimonial 1: My dog loves it! My dog now gets very excited when she sees the Earthy Now bottle come out. She’s an older collie, and the Canine CBD Oil helps her calm down. Also, I can tell she’s walking better around the house after it.” -C
  • Testimonial 2: Works great. As a last resort, we thought we would try these drops. Yay, they work great! They calm Chester right down and also help his joints. We are all much happier. We squirt the drops right in his mouth. He loves the taste.” -D
  • Testimonial 3: “Great for my 14-year-old girl. My cat is getting older, and I can tell she moves slower and has some hip pain. I started her on Earthy Now’s Feline CBD Oil and noticed her jumping up on her window seat more! So happy with the outcome.” -L

Addressing common concerns: safety and dosage

One frequently asked question by pet parents is whether CBD oil is safe for their furry friends. The answer is yes, as long as it’s derived from high-quality ingredients and contains no THC, the psychoactive component found in cannabis [7]. To ensure safety, choosing CBD products specifically formulated for pets is crucial. Talk to your vet with any questions.

Regarding dosage, it’s essential to use the right CBD dosage for pets. For example, pet owners should start with a small serving size and gradually increase it based on their pet’s response. Additionally, consider factors such as weight, condition, and individual tolerance when determining the optimal dose for your dog or cat [10].

Comparing CBD oil with traditional pet medications

CBD oil offers an alternative to traditional pet medications that may come with side effects and long-term consequences. CBD products provide pet owners a holistic and gentle option for supporting their pets’ well-being.

CBD for stressful situations

CBD’s potential to promote calm in pets is one of its most celebrated potential benefits. Indeed, many pet parents have reported positive outcomes when using CBD products during situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or visits to the vet. The potential calming effects of CBD are due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. This interaction can promote balance and relaxation, among other benefits [11].

CBD for age

Another area where CBD shines is in the management of discomfort. Whether your furry friend experiences overall effects of aging, CBD may be useful[11]. This natural approach to pet issues is a welcome complementary option.

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Future of CBD in veterinary medicine

As the popularity of CBD for pets continues to rise, the future of CBD in veterinary thinking looks promising. Ongoing research and clinical trials aim to further understand the full spectrum of benefits CBD offers to animals [12]. With a focus on cannabis’s medical applications, hemp products may become integral to holistic pet care.

Key takeaway: tailored solutions for every pup and kitty

In conclusion, CBD oil has emerged as a natural and holistic option for pet owners seeking to enhance their furry friends’ well-being. With a focus on hemp extracts, CBD products have gained the trust of pet parents around the world.

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Medical Disclaimer / Legal Disclaimer – Information is provided for educational purposes. It does not and is not intended to constitute legal or medical advice. We attempt to be accurate and up-to-date, but the legality of cannabinoids and the science of cannabis are evolving. The author is neither a legal professional nor a medical expert. Before buying or using any products, you should check with your local authorities and medical providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD oil is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant, known for its wellness benefits. When sourced from high-quality ingredients and without THC, CBD oil is generally safe for pets [13].

Start with a low serving size and observe your pet’s response. Then, gradually increase the dosage based on their weight, health condition, and individual tolerance [10]. Consult with a veterinarian for personalized guidance.

CBD oil has shown promise in addressing various conditions in pets [12]. However, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet.