Pet owners seeking natural and effective remedies for their furry companions increasingly turn to CBD products. This comprehensive review explores the unique advantages of incorporating premium CBD into your pet’s wellness routines. Moreover, we’ll explore potential health benefits and why pet CBD oil has emerged as a leading solution for promoting pet well-being.

Benefits of using CBD oil for dogs and cats

CBD oil serves as a holistic approach to supporting the happiness of dogs and cats. Indeed, CBD offers pets the potential for better living [1]. With various formulations available, including high-quality THC free CBD oils, pet CBD products address a variety of pet wellness concerns.

Can Pets Take CBD?

Why is CBD oil so popular for pets?

The popularity of CBD oil stems from its potential to promote relaxation, alleviate discomfort, and support overall pet health [1]. However, not all CBD pet products are alike. By utilizing high-quality, organic ingredients, Earthy Now has gained the trust of pet owners, establishing itself as the best pet CBD source.  

Understanding premium CBD oil

Integrating CBD oil into an animal’s daily routine offers many potential benefits. However, THC free CBD oil is a better choice than full-spectrum CBD oil because it excludes THC [2].  CBD can elevate an animal’s vigor and vitality [3]. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD oil is a natural substance that fosters pet wellness. Hence, incorporating CBD hemp oil into a pet’s diet can benefit your fur baby significantly.

Ultimately, pet owners can rely on the advantages of high-quality CBD oils, as opposed to full-spectrum hemp oil with THC, to address their pet’s needs. In addition to CBD oil, other CBD products have gained traction in the pet supplement market. For example, CBD dog treats and CBD balms may provide effective solutions for various pet wellness concerns [4].

Earthy Now’s CBD oil for pets

Earthy Now’s pet CBD oil exemplifies excellence in the pet CBD industry. For instance, the extracted CBD comes from premium hemp plants to ensure a rich spectrum of beneficial compounds. Additionally, Earthy Now uses all-natural ingredients, including organic MCT oil and natural flavors, to enhance the product’s quality. These two CBD oils from Earth Now stand as some of the best CBD oils on the market: 

  • Canine Bacon CBD Oil A 500 mg doggy-strength formula, Canine Bacon CBD Oil promotes wellness for your four-legged co-pilot. Blending premium CBD isolate with organic MCT oil and natural bacon flavoring, Earthy Now offers a superior product rich in cannabinoids.
  • Feline Tuna CBD OilA 250 mg kitty-strength formula, Feline Tuna CBD Oil promotes your cat’s well-being from whiskers to tail. Incorporating CBD isolate with organic MCT oil and natural tunafish flavoring, this cat supplement is top-of-the-line.

Physical appearance

Earthy Now’s CBD oil boasts a pleasing visual appearance, indicating its high-quality and potent composition. For example, the neatly designed glass dropper bottles feature clear dosage instructions, making administration simple. This careful attention to detail reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering an effective, superior product.

Aroma and flavor

Infused with natural flavors like bacon and tuna, Earthy Now’s CBD pet products offer delicious tastes for pets. As a result, administering the oil to your pet is easy and stress-free. Moreover, the appealing flavors provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for your pet, ensuring their comfort during consumption.

CBD content

Each bottle of Earthy Now’s CBD oil contains a precisely measured concentration of CBD extract and other compounds. This way, it’s easier to promote your pet’s health and wellness without overdoing it. For example, the accurately measured CBD content ensures that pets receive a potent yet safe dose to meet their health needs. Packed with cannabinoids, Earthy’s Canine CBD oil contains 500 mg of CBD, whereas its Feline counterpart contains 250 mg.

CBD oil’s benefits and how Earthy’s products stand out

Earthy Now’s pet CBD products stand out for their efficacious ingredients. For example, the high-quality CBD has the potential to help with discomfort and support the natural systems of pets [5]. Infused with pure CBD isolate, this premium formulation reflects Earthy Now‘s unwavering dedication to pet health. 

Exploring the effects of premium CBD for pets

CBD oil has garnered recognition for its potential to support and enhance quality of life [6]. This goes for both humans and pets. As a result, many pet owners have posted enthusiastic reviews on Earthy Now’s site about their pet’s response to CBD oil. These positive testimonials highlight the effectiveness of Earthy’s CBD oil. Moreover, these reviews underscore the cannabinoid’s promise as a valuable addition to pets’ daily wellness regimens.

Comparing Earthy Now’s CBD oil to other pet products

Formulated with high-quality organic MCT oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract, Earthy’s CBD formula stands out as a premium product in the pet CBD industry. Earthy’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the broad-spectrum CBD extract ensures that pets receive the full range of potential benefits. Above all, the high-quality ingredients distinguish Earthy Now’s CBD pet products from other brands.  

Determining CBD oil’s suitability for newbies

Earthy Now’s CBD oil for cats and dogs is an accessible option for hemp newcomers navigating the world of pet products. For example, handy CBD droppers offer easy, user-friendly administration instructions and precisely measured cannabinoid content. Thus, these pet oils provide a safe and approachable introduction for pet owners looking to enhance their pets’ well-being naturally. 

Addressing concerns about psychoactivity

As always, Earthy Now’s CBD oil for pets is free of psychoactive substances, ensuring a comfortable pet experience. This commitment to providing a non-intoxicating pet product further solidifies Earthy’s position as a trusted pet product source. Regarding pet CBD options, Earthy Now only uses a formula free of THC. In contrast, full-spectrum CBD oil for humans contains traces of THC. 

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Maximizing the benefits of CBD oil

Incorporating CBD oil into pets’ daily routines is a straightforward process that involves precise dosage management. Whether administered directly or added to pet food, the user-friendly nature of CBD oil ensures convenient and stress-free consumption [7]. As a result, pets enjoy a seamless and pleasurable CBD oil experience.

Dosing guidelines

Follow the dosing instructions on the packaging. Then, commence with the lowest dosage for your pet and gradually increase as needed. Additionally, monitor your pet’s behavior and well-being to help you determine the optimal dosage [8]. 

Expert tips for enhancing your pet’s CBD oil experience

Proper storage of CBD oil is crucial. For example, to keep CBD oil fresh and potent, store the bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This precaution preserves the oil’s integrity over time [9]. Also, it helps pets to consume CBD oil consistently as part of their daily routine. In other words, regular doses ensure pets experience the full benefits of the CBD oil’s potential. 

Harnessing the benefits of premium CBD oil

More and more pet owners realize how CBD supplements can enhance their pet’s health. For example, benefits may include relief and general immune system support [6]. 

Understanding the legal aspects

CBD oil is legally accessible nationwide, allowing pet owners across the country to procure and benefit from its life enhancing properties. However, it’s crucial to stay informed about the specific legal regulations governing CBD products in individual states [11].

Exploring reliable sources for pet CBD oil

Reputable online retailers, including Earthy Now and other trusted establishments, offer a wide range of premium CBD oil products. Opting to purchase pet CBD oil online gives the advantage of exploring a diverse selection of top-tier products. Additionally,  consumers may easily access detailed product information to facilitate well-informed purchasing decisions. With Earthy Now’s unwavering dedication to delivering solutions for pet wellness issues, pet owners have come to trust Earthy’s quality, efficacy, and reliability. 

The rationale for choosing Earthy Now

Earthy Now emerges as a distinguished and reputable provider of premium cannabis products, including the highest quality CBD oil for dogs and cats. Meticulously crafted to support pets’ health and vitality, Earthy’s CBD oil delivers myriad wellness benefits. Moreover, Earthy’s commitment to sourcing ingredients from top-tier hemp plants ensures these products remain unparalleled in quality. Added to the bargain, Earthy’s expedient shipping services further solidify their status as a leading provider in the pet CBD industry.

Summarizing CBD oil for cats and dogs 

In summary, Earthy Now’s CBD oil presents a pet product that pet owners trust will elevate their animals’ well-being. With its exceptional quality, beneficial effects, and user-friendly administration, Earthy Now’s CBD pet products epitomize excellence. 

Surpassing industry standards, Earthy Now’s pet CBD oil delivers on its promise of superior quality, efficacy, and overall health enhancement. With its potential to contribute to pets’ wellness and happiness, this CBD oil is an invaluable addition to any pet’s daily routines.

Pros and cons of CBD oil for cats and dogs


  • Superior quality and organic ingredients
  • An array of benefits for pets
  • User-friendly and easily administered
  • Versatile applications for various pet concerns
  • Trusted and reputable brand in the competitive pet CBD market


  • Consideration of premium pricing for some pet owners

Key takeaway

With its unparalleled quality, Earthy Now’s pet CBD oil is a dependable aid for promoting pet wellness. Explore the transformative benefits of premium pet CBD oil for your beloved furry companion here. 

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Medical Disclaimer / Legal Disclaimer – Information is provided for educational purposes. It does not and is not intended to constitute legal or medical advice. We attempt to be accurate and up-to-date, but the legality of cannabinoids and the science of cannabis are evolving. The author is neither a legal professional nor a medical expert. Before buying or using any products, you should check with your local authorities and medical providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Start with a low dosage and gradually adjust based on your pet’s response. Additionally, monitoring their behavior and well-being can help determine the optimal and effective dosage [8]. Consult your vet with specific questions about your pet’s use of CBD products.

CBD may work with the endocannabinoid system and its influence over perceptions of sensations [3]. More research in this area is needed to know for sure if and how this works.

The properties in CBD oil can promote skin and fur wellness in pets [12].