Investigating the Top 10 Strains of Low-THC Cannabis

Investigating the Top 10 Strains of Low-THC Cannabis

If you’re among the masses who’d like to experiment with low-THC cannabis, take a look at the ten most popular strains in that category to help you decide which one might meet your expectations.

Thousands of years ago at the beginning of cannabis’s ascent through the world of traditional medicine, healers of the time had only a small handful of strains to choose from. To make matters even more limited, they were largely restricted to the specific marijuana and hemp varieties that could be grown locally or flourished on their own in the wild. Times have changed.

Today, there are hundreds of strains of cannabis, and more are continually being bred. That gives anyone who wants to find CBD products to try a vast range of options.


With a cheesy aroma and fuel undertones, Lifter is one of the current most popular CBD strains. A significant portion of users say it helps ease their stress and anxiety, and almost as many people insist it aids in alleviating their pain. Many report feeling happier and more relaxed after enjoying a dose of Lifter. At the same time, quite a few say it helps to clear away the cobwebs in their brains and promotes concentration.1


Since it contains no more than one percent THC, Elektra fits nicely into many countries’ legality parameters. Still, it gives you plenty of CBD. Quite a few people relish Elektra’s chocolate, red wine, and citrus flavors and scents. In fact, even that combination of tastes and smells sets you up for a relaxing evening at home. It’s known for its calming and uplifting effects without making people groggy. Its main focal points are combating stress, anxiety, and depression.2


With an adorable name and wonderful piney essence, Suzy-Q offers CBD concentrations of 25 percent. Many people report feeling extremely relaxed after enjoying a round of this strain, so it’s often used for treating both physical and emotional stress. It can even generate a pleasant, tingly effect. Quite a few users also turn to this strain for its potentially powerful pain-relieving impacts.3

Sour Space Candy

Another low-THC, high-CBD strain to top the popularity charts is Sour Space Candy. Its flavors are slightly reminiscent of Classic Diesel with notes of lemon and earthy undertones. Though some people report feeling sleepy after a few hits of Sour Space Candy, others say it helps keep them focused and alert. It’s also known for encouraging a hearty appetite and inducing relaxation.4

Cat’s Meow

This fruity, somewhat skunky strain brings a CBD concentration of about 15 percent to the table while possibly providing pain-relieving effects and reducing inflammation. In small doses, Cat’s Meow is said to improve focus and concentration. When consumed in greater abundance, it may put you in a relaxed state and promote sleep.


ACDC is a unique high-CBD strain because it contains a ratio of six percent THC to 20 percent CBD. With balanced Indica and Sativa genetics, it can offer a mixed bag of effects. It has a sweet, slightly fruity aroma. People often use this strain to help remedy the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it may make you a bit hungry. Though a few users report experiencing paranoia after consuming this strain, its CBD content can help combat the unpleasant effects of the THC. It’ll leave you feeling thunderstruck in all the right ways.5


As a Sativa-Indica hybrid, Cannatonic can certainly live up to its name when consumed in the right amounts. It has a relatively low THC level at around six percent and a higher CBD concentration of about 20 percent. Users seem particularly impressed with its ability to soothe pain and muscle spasms. It also seems to help people relax physically while keeping their minds sharp and focused.6


Primarily an Indica hybrid, Pennywise offers a balanced blend of THC and CBD at 15 percent for each. Its spicy, sour taste makes for an interesting experience all its own, but its powerful effects take matters even further. Many point out that it heightens their creativity and sharpens their focus while melting away social anxiety. Despite having the right amount of CBD to balance out the THC, it generates a bit of a psychedelic experience for some users.7

Ringo’s Gift

A hybrid offspring of ACDC and Harle-Tsu, Ringo’s Gift is a low-THC strain with about 20 percent CBD. It has a minty, hash-like flavor and can somehow make users feel both relaxed and invigorated at the same time. It’s an uplifting strain that may help alleviate depression, pain, and stress for some users. Some report a reduction in inflammation and anxiety after partaking as well.8

Charlotte’s Web

Having very little THC to speak of and a CBD concentration of about 12 percent, Charlotte’s Web was originally developed as a strain of medical cannabis for treating epilepsy. As is the case with many hemp-based strains, it has a grassy, herbal flavor mixed with a bit of pine and an aroma to match. Due to its genetic profile and CBD content, it may help battle insomnia and anxiety as well as inflammation and pain.9

Which CBD Experience Is Right for You?

Low-THC strains are incredibly popular because of their possible benefits combined with their non-psychoactive effects. While they may not appeal to most recreational users, they’re prime choices for those who are more interested in the medical side of the matter. The strains we’ve listed are among the most popular high-CBD strains available, and any of them could provide the effects you’ve been looking for.



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