Top 10 Places for CBD Use on the Planet

Top 10 Places for CBD Use on the Planet

Have you wondered what the top places for CBD use on the planet are? CBD use is trending. Cannabis has amassed a solid and extensive history in the medical world, with so many states supporting medical use. On top of that, it has long been a drug of choice in the recreational sector. Of course, numerous restrictions, bans, and other regulations have been developed to control the use of cannabis over time. In fact, it was largely weeded out in favor of synthetic pharmaceuticals for an extensive time.

These days, though, quite a few of the laws regarding the use of cannabis are being modified or even altogether lifted. Because of that, CBD is experiencing a major comeback especially for those looking to enjoy the many potential benefits of this non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp. That means an ever-growing number of people around the world are searching for a high-quality hemp distributor to meet their unique needs.

Exploring the World’s Leading CBD Consumers

At this point, CBD, or cannabidiol, is gaining a significant following. It spans the globe and has made its way back into several countries around the world. Though it’s still strictly prohibited in a few areas, it’s more than making up for that gap in others. Having said that, it’s more popular in some countries than in others.

CBD in the United Kingdom

According to the latest reports, the United Kingdom is the world’s leading consumer of cannabidiol with at least 30 out of every 1,000 people in the nation having searched for CBD-based products in the past year. Products are making appearances in numerous shops and other places throughout the UK, and residents are taking full advantage of this availability. Members of the medical community are also prescribing certain types of CBD and other cannabis products to their patients.

When it comes to the question of legality, the laws in the UK are a bit complex. CBD derived from approved strains of hemp are considered acceptable. Sources indicate that fans in the United Kingdom can also get their CBD from suppliers outside the country.

To officially be legal, though, cannabidiol products must contain no THC. Based on the latest reports, CBD sales in the UK could reach almost $1.4 billion within the next few years, which would be equivalent to the country’s entire herbal supplement market.

CBD in Ireland

Cannabidiol is also incredibly popular in Ireland at present. As is the case in the United Kingdom and the United States, a vast range of CBD products is available to consumers in Ireland. Several shops throughout the country are offering fun and interesting foods, beverages, and other goodies that have been infused with cannabidiol.

Ireland’s laws are a bit unique when compared to those in other countries. As long as it doesn’t contain any THC, it can legally be bought and sold. However, it can’t be marketed as a medicinal supplement or prescribed by a physician. It must be advertised and sold as a novelty food product. Manufacturers and suppliers of those products are required to submit applications and have their items approved for sale as novelty foods. Otherwise, they could face repercussions.

CBD in Canada

Canada is also one of the world’s leading cannabis consumers. It’s one of only a couple of countries to actually legalize cannabis for all citizens. In fact, Canadian citizens are allowed to purchase marijuana and even grow their own cannabis at home. Because of that, the nation’s cannabis market topped $2 billion last year alone.

Canada is another country in which laws take some unexpected turns. Most countries rule in favor of CBD because it’s the non-psychoactive component of marijuana while opposing THC due to its ability to alter users’ minds.

In a sense, Canada takes the opposite stance. They know the potential psychoactive effects of THC, but lawmakers are leery of the medical claims surrounding CBD. To purchase products in Canada, users must have medical cards and get their items from approved and authorized suppliers.

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CBD in Australia

Australia comes in at fourth place in the global cannabis consumption sector, but the country’s CBD laws present an interesting plot twist. This is one of the most recent countries to legalize CBD products. As such, its industry hasn’t quite gotten off the ground just yet.

Cannabidiol and products infused with this compound are in high demand in Australia, and the country’s citizens are now legally allowed to purchase them without a prescription. One primary provision is that they must obtain them through a certified pharmacy much like certain asthma and sinus medications in the United States.

Many are quick to point out, though, that all this presents a serious problem for Australian citizens who want to take advantage of the less stringent regulations. As of February of this year, there just weren’t any legally approved CBD supplements and products on the market for people to purchase through their local pharmacies. It could be quite some time before the tables turn in favor of consumers.

CBD in the United States

Next in line is the United States. Cannabis laws are all over the place here. Technically, each state has the right to choose its own laws regarding CBD and THC products and whether they’re acceptable for medical and recreational use. On the other hand, marijuana isn’t truly considered legal on a federal level. Still, federal law is expected to respect individual state laws to an extent.

With all that being said, CBD products derived from hemp are legal by federal law thanks to the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018. Only a handful of states continue to ban CBD altogether. Most allow CBD products to be sold through numerous outlets. You can find gummies, oil, tinctures, vapes, and a wide range of other products at convenience stores, smoke shops, and many other locales. CBD pharmacies are also becoming more widespread. For ultimate convenience and privacy, Earthy Now offers premium CBD products and nationwide shipping.

CBD in New Zealand

From there, we move on to New Zealand. This country has some of the world’s stricter regulations in place right now. It’s considered a prescription-only substance, so to purchase it legally, citizens must have a medical card and obtain approved products from an authorized supplier. In order to be approved, a product must have no more than two percent THC in relation to the amount of cannabidiol it contains.

CBD in Malta

Yet another global leader in cannabis consumption is Malta. Earlier this year, lawmakers revealed plans to loosen the reins on the country’s marijuana laws. Under the proposed legislative changes, citizens will be allowed to legally grow their own cannabis at home though they’re restricted to a single plant.

It doesn’t matter what type of cannabis plant or how much it produces as long as it’s only one plant. Legislators essentially decided that since people were using and growing marijuana regardless of the country’s previous restrictions, why not go ahead and give them some legal leeway?

CBD in Cyprus

Cyprus is a relative newcomer to the medical cannabis scene, having approved its medicinal use only a couple of years ago. Lawmakers in this country want to allow its citizens to take advantage of the potential benefits of cannabis if they so choose. They must have a prescription for it and get their products from a pharmacy, though, to ensure they’re getting the highest possible level of quality according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

CBD in Hong Kong

Legislators in Hong Kong continue to frown upon THC products, but the country has recently legalized CBD. Much to the delight of its citizens, CBD is available in a number of places throughout the country. Everything from skincare products to oral supplements can be purchased in stores and online. People can find cannabidiol-laced goodies in bars, coffee shops, and restaurants as well.

CBD in Greece

By the numbers, Greece comes in at last place among the world’s top consumers. Still, it’s among the top 10. As is the case in Ireland and some other European countries, products can be sold as food supplements to anyone who’s interested in partaking. Products must contain no more than 0.2 percent THC to be considered legal, though.


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