Cannabis Terpenes | Canna Cake

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Canna Cake | 76.9% Total Terpenoids

Myrcene (Clove) | Limonene (Citrus) | α-Pinene (Pine)

Canna Cake is a sativa dominant strain with big flavor. Its lineage results in a rich spicy aroma and tangy sweet-piney and citrus earthiness.

The main terpenoids in Canna Cake are myrcene, limonene and alpha-pinene, and they combine with secondary terpenoids beta-caryophyllene, beta-pinene and ocimene. Along with the dozens of additional terpenoids in this strain, a clean and classic profile with sharply diesel nose and woody, nutty, spicy musk. 

The myrcene and limonene levels are major drivers of the sativa-style bite as is the pinene that is often associated with the Diesel family of strains. Savory and sweet spice recalling strains like Jack Herer are also present in the profile.

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