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Sour Lifter | 71.3% Total Terpenoids

Myrcene (Clove) | Terpinolene (Smoke) | Limonene (Citrus)

Sour Lifter is a diploid, sativa dominant hybrid strain from Oregon CBD that comes from crossing SH 50 (Special Sauce x New World Haze) and their GG#4 Conversion. The products of this pairing are an up front sweet pungent aroma and full sour diesel finish. 

Sour Lifter’s primary terpenenoids are myrcene, terpineol and limonene which interplay with the secondary beta-caryophyllene, ocimene and alpha-humulene. Owing to the dozens of additional terpenoids in this strain, its rich profile shares the original Lifter’s sweet gassy funk and makes it sour with notes of lemon rind and fresh full grapes mixed with deep diesel. Special Sauce’s lineage contributes tones of hops, nutmeg and tea while Haze represents with earthy spices of its own. The sour element is enhanced by Gorilla Glue’s distinctive skunky mud aroma and the pine profile that GG#4 is known for.

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