As the world continues to explore alternative smoking options, hemp smokes have gained considerable attention for their potential benefits and unique smoking experience. Offering a natural and tobacco-free alternative to traditional cigarettes, hemp smokes have become increasingly popular among those seeking a smoother smoking experience with delightful effects [1]. In this hemp smokes review, we’ll explore their benefits, effects, usage, and legality, with a focus on Earthy Now’s premium Hemp Smokes.

Benefits of using hemp smokes

Hemp cigarettes offer a promising array of benefits that set them apart from traditional tobacco cigarettes. For example, the natural hemp used in these smokes contains beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD [1]. As a result, these cannabinoids may provide relief and more [1]. Furthermore, hemp smokes present an alternative to tobacco cigarettes [2]. Thus, smoking hemp versus tobacco reduces many of the risks associated with tobacco.

What Are Hemp Smokes?

Why are hemp smokes so popular?

The rising popularity of hemp cigarettes can be attributed to their natural composition, herbal taste, and benefits. For the increasing number of individuals trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, hemp smokes provide a compelling alternative. Mimicking the experience, hemp provides the same comforting ritual without the harmful effects of tobacco itself [2]. Also, the accessibility of hemp smokes has contributed to their surging popularity in the market.

What are hemp smokes?

Also known as hemp cigarettes, hempettes, or CBD cigarettes, hemp smokes are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Made from natural hemp, these hemp flower cigarettes provide a smoother and alternative smoking experience compared to tobacco cigarettes [2]. Seeking wellness, many individuals smoke hemp as a potential aid to quit tobacco smoking [3]. Moreover, hemp smokes are often crafted from high-quality hemp flower, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful smoking experience. Infused with CBD flower and other beneficial cannabinoids, the best hemp smokes taste great and smoke easy [2].

When it comes to smoking hemp cigarettes, users report a variety of benefits compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. For example, their cannabinoids potentially relax and calm the user [4]. Not only do they offer an aromatic smoking experience, but switching to hemp cigarettes is fun and a great converstation starter.

The diverse range of hemp strains available allows consumers to explore options that suit their preferences and desired effects. The incorporation of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids in hemp smokes may contribute to a more pleasant smoking experience [4]. These many benefits make hemp smokes an appealing choice for those seeking a new way to consume CBD.

Earthy Now: Hemp Smokes Review

Earthy Now’s Hemp Smokes are crafted using premium organic hemp flower and kief, ensuring a high-quality smoking experience. The physical appearance of these smokes is sleek and well-constructed, providing a satisfying tactile sensation. With an earthy and natural aroma, these smokes deliver a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience that sets them apart from traditional tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, the carefully curated CBD content contributes to their potential benefits, offering consumers a natural and beneficial product.


  • Natural and tobacco-free smoking alternative
  • Potential benefits, including relief and wellness management [2]
  • Premium organic hemp flower content for a smooth smoking experience


  • May not be suitable for individuals sensitive to cannabinoids
  • Limited availability in certain regions
  • May cause issues due to smoke inhalation [5]

Effects of hemp smokes

CBD hemp cigarettes offer a range of effects that differentiate them from traditional tobacco cigarettes. In contrast to tobacco, they provide a richer smoking experience and a pleasing aroma. Moreover, these cigarettes may serve as a helpful alternative for individuals aiming to smoke less tobacco [6].  Notably, the inclusion of CBD and other cannabinoids contributes to their effects [1]. Delivering a satisfying and potentially beneficial smoking experience, hemp cigarettes continue to gain traction as a preferred alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

For many, hemp smokes offer a calming and relaxing experience without the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis with higher THC levels. For example, the best hemp cigarettes comprise carefully balanced CBD content that may provide system management benefits [1]. These qualities make them appealing to individuals seeking effects without the ‘high’ commonly associated with smoking marijuana. Overall, Earthy Now’s Hemp Smokes stand out for their smooth smoke, potent hemp flower strains, and biodegradable filters, ensuring a more environmentally friendly smoking experience.

Guide to THC Cigarettes: Embracing Low-THC, High CBD

How to use hemp smokes

For the best smoking experience, consume hemp smokes in moderation [7]. First, follow dosing recommendations, which may vary based on individual tolerance levels and desired effects. To maximize the benefits of hemp smokes, take just a few puffs initially and gradually increase the intake as needed. Additionally, ensuring a slow and steady inhalation can help them burn evenly, providing a consistent and smooth smoking ritual.

Do CBD cigarettes help you?

Hemp smokes offer a range of potential benefits [6]. Above all, the presence of beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD, may contribute to these positive effects. As a result, hemp smokes make a compelling choice for individuals seeking a beneficial and tobacco-free smoking alternative.

Even so, smoke inhalation of any kind can be harmful to the respiratory system [5]. Therefore, it’s important to weigh those risks before indulging.

Delta-9 THC Cigarettes: A New Trend?

Are hemp smokes legal in my state?

While the legality of hemp smokes varies somewhat by state, they are generally legal nationwide, given their below 0.3% Delta-9 THC content. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp became federally compliant [8]. However, it’s important to check your state’s regulations to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. As the hemp industry continues to grow and evolve, it is essential to stay updated on the latest legal developments regarding hemp smokes and other hemp-derived products.

Where to get hemp smokes

The best CBD cigarettes and hemp smokes are available for purchase online from Earthy Now’s official website or other reputable cannabis retailers. Buying online offers the convenience of browsing through a wide range of products and customer reviews, ensuring a well-informed purchase decision. Moreover, online purchases often come with the added benefit of fast and reliable shipping, providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

Why should I buy from Earthy Now?

A leading provider of premium cannabis products, Earthy Now features top-quality hemp cigarettes. Sourced from the highest caliber of cannabis plants, flowers, and extracts, Earthy Now’s smokable products guarantee a premium smoking experience that customers love. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Earthy Now offers fast and reliable shipping, ensuring customers receive their products promptly. Furthermore, their extensive product range and dedication to quality make them a reliable choice for those seeking top-tier smokable hemp products.

Choose your perfect CBD cigarette from Earthy Now

Earthy Now Hemp Smokes are made from a proprietary high-CBD, low-THC cannabis flower and kief blend. They are 100% tobacco-free and Farm Bill-compliant.

With a total of 2,000 mg of cannabinoids per pack, each smoke is loaded with expertly grown, high-grade flower, which includes trace amounts of other active cannabinoids. Along with CBD, they contain CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBGA, THCA, and THCV, all contributing to a healthful entourage effect. Featuring all-natural biodegradable filters and paper, Earthy Now offers three popular types of Hemp Smokes:

  • Original- Full-flavor hemp smokes with a robust taste, rich aroma, and a traditional burn.
  • Blue  Tasty, medium-body hemp smokes offer a distinctive flavor and slow, satisfying burn.
  • Green- The lightest variety of hemp smokes brings a bright, mellow flavor to a leisurely burn.

Hemp smokes review: key takeaway

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, buying CBD cigarettes has become relatively easy. Their accessibility presents a compelling alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, offering a smooth smoking experience. Standing out from the rest, Earthy Now’s premium Hemp Smokes feature exceptional quality, premium flower, and a wealth of cannabinoids in each puff. While CBD smokes are not for everyone, they present a promising option for individuals seeking a natural and tobacco-free smoking experience without addictive nicotine. Also, with biodegradable filters and premium quality, Earthy Now’s Hemp Smokes epitomize a unique and satisfying experience for those exploring alternative smoking options.

So, if you’re seeking a non-tobacco smoking experience with great effects, Earthy Now’s Hemp Smokes will fit the bill. Experience the benefits of premium Hemp Smokes, and try Earthy Now’s range of products today!

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Medical Disclaimer / Legal Disclaimer – Information is provided for educational purposes. It does not and is not intended to constitute legal or medical advice. We attempt to be accurate and up-to-date, but the legality of cannabinoids and the science of cannabis are evolving. The author is neither a legal professional nor a medical expert. Before buying or using any products, you should check with your local authorities and medical providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hempettes are a type of hemp cigarette or hemp smoke.  Often infused with CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids, hempettes provide a potentially less harmful smoking experience compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Earthy Now’s Hemp Smokes are nicotine free and tobacco free.

While hemp smokes contain only minimal Delta-9 THC levels, these can potentially result in a positive drug test. Therefore, it is important to consider this possibility, especially for individuals subject to regular drug testing [9].