As consumers grasp the power of cannabinoids, CBD extract has made its way into a wealth of products, including those intended for pets. The increasingly sought-after CBD promises various wellness benefits and is sold in dietary supplements and skincare products. While the primary focus has been on human health, emerging research indicates that CBD oil could play a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of pets [1]. This comprehensive exploration delves into the potential advantages of hemp-derived CBD oil for pets, covering various aspects and shedding light on the latest scientific findings.

CBD’s role in pet health

To comprehend how hemp-derived CBD interacts with the animal and human body, it’s crucial to understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Prevalent in both humans and animals, this complex cell-signaling system regulates various physiological processes. According to research, hemp-derived CBD’s interaction with this system may influence these processes, potentially contributing to overall wellness [2].

Can Pets Take CBD?

How CBD works in the endocannabinoid system in pets and humans

CBD is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. In fact, the cannabis sativa plant contains over a hundred cannabinoids, CBD and THC being the most well-known. Their interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is central to the plant’s potential health benefits [3].

In particular, CBD works by binding with the ECS’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are abundant in the peripheral organs and tissues, especially those related to the immune system. Most often, CBD binds to the CB2 receptors and modulates their activity in the body. Hence, this modulation triggers a wide range of potential benefits [3].

One of CBD’s most sought-after potential benefits is its ability to modulate bodily sensations. Since many pharmaceutical medications to treat pain have unappealing side effects, many consumers find CBD products a welcome alternative.  Furthermore, CBD’s influence on the ECS extends to promoting relaxation for many [3].

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Safety of CBD for pets

Importantly, CBD products derived from the hemp plant offer a convenient, legal, and accessible way to harness the benefits of CBD. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, making it an appropriate option for pets and humans alike. As a result of its ECS activity, CBD products have gained popularity as a natural remedy for improving the well-being of pets. Indeed, a growing body of scientific evidence supports theories about potential benefits [4]. Yet, researchers continue seeking conclusive evidence to substantiate these early claims. Currently, the only FDA-approved CBD medication is Epidolex, a medication to treat certain kinds of seizures in humans [5]. However, many hemp enthusiasts expect CBD will eventually become FDA-approved as a treatment for other conditions in both humans and pets.

Though CBD is well-tolerated by most pets, some rare side effects include stomach upset, dry mouth, and diarrhea [6].

The Safety of CBD Oil for Pets: What You Need to Know

CBD for managing chronic conditions in pets

A well-studied yet inconclusive aspect of hemp-derived CBD’s potential benefits for pets and humans lies in its role in modulating pain sensations. Similar to humans, pets can experience inflammatory and neuropathic pain associated with arthritis, surgeries, or other conditions. Hemp-derived CBD emerges as a potential natural component, potentially providing future solutions without the adverse effects often linked with prescription drugs [7].

Clinical trials and peer-reviewed studies regarding CBD are ongoing, hinting at the potential of hemp-derived CBD’s efficacy in modulating sensations, making it a promising option for pet owners aiming to enhance their furry companions’ quality of life [8].

CBD’s effects on pet anxiety and stress

Much like humans, pets are susceptible to anxiety and stress triggered by factors such as separation, loud noises, or changes in their environment. Happily, hemp-derived CBD’s potential for stress responses positions it as a potential solution [1].

Pet owners incorporating hemp-derived CBD into their pets’ routines often report positive outcomes, with many witnessing a reduction in behaviors. While more research is needed to fully grasp the mechanisms behind hemp-derived CBD’s effects in pets, early findings suggest its potential as a safe and natural option [1].

Supporting mobility with CBD

As pets age, joint issues and reduced mobility become prevalent challenges. Notably, hemp-derived CBD’s properties may contribute to better mobility in aging pets. Indeed, research suggests that hemp-derived CBD may help, offering potential improvements to the overall well-being of our furry companions [1].

CBD for skin conditions and allergies in pets

Skin conditions and allergies can be sources of discomfort for pets, prompting owners to explore various solutions. Whether it’s dry skin, allergies, or other uncomfortable conditions like dermatitis, skin problems can significantly affect a dog or cat’s quality of life. Hence, it’s important to address these issues promptly and provide relief.

Preliminary studies on hemp-derived CBD’s potential to address skin issues in animals show promise [9]. Indeed, CBD’s soothing properties may help pets better deal with uncomfortable skin conditions and allergies. Many pet owners have found their pets appear less agitated after taking CBD oil. Additionally, CBD salves may help calm and moisturize inflamed skin [10]. However, scientific research is not yet conclusive.

Enhancing digestive health with CBD

Digestive issues are not uncommon among pets, and owners are increasingly turning to hemp-derived CBD as a potential supplement to support digestive wellness. Though FDA approval may not arrive for some time, the endocannabinoid system’s role adjacent gastrointestinal functions positions CBD as a potential contributor to a balanced digestive system in pets [11].

CBD for aging pets: quality of life improvements

As pets age, their overall quality of life may decline due to various health issues. Fortunately, hemp-derived CBD’s potential to address multiple aspects of pet wellness makes it a compelling option for improving the well-being of aging pets. Positive experiences reported by pet owners underscore hemp-derived CBD’s potential as a complementary approach to veterinary care for senior companions [12].

CBD as a supplemental treatment in veterinary care

While pet owners are wise to consult a pet healthcare professional before incorporating hemp oil and CBD into their pets’ routines, some veterinary professionals are already exploring CBD’s potential as a supplemental therapy for pets [1]. As research expands, veterinarians may more often integrate hemp-derived CBD into treatment plans, providing pet owners with additional options for supporting their pets.

Pet owner experiences with CBD

Anecdotal evidence from pet owners further supports animal and human studies exploring the potential benefits of hemp-derived CBD. For example, many pet owners report positive changes in their pets’ behavior, mobility, and overall well-being after incorporating hemp-derived CBD oil into their daily routine [1]. It’s crucial to note that individual responses to CBD oil can vary, emphasizing the need for more scientific research to establish its efficacy and safety for various conditions in pets.

Exploring the Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs

Success stories from pet owners

Pet parents love to share their success stories after incorporating Earthy Now’s Pet CBD Oil into their pets’ wellness routines. Here are some reviews highlighting the positive impact of CBD oil on pets:

  • Testimonial 1: My dog loves it! My dog now gets very excited when she sees the Earthy Now bottle come out. She’s an older collie, and the Canine CBD Oil helps her calm down. Also, I can tell she’s walking better around the house after it.” -C
  • Testimonial 2: Works great. As a last resort, we thought we would try these drops. Yay, they work great! They calm Chester right down and also help his sore joints. We are all much happier. We squirt the drops right in his mouth. He loves the taste.” -D
  • Testimonial 3: “Great for my 14-year-old girl. My cat is getting older, and I can tell she moves slower and has some hip pain. I started her on Earthy Now’s Feline CBD Oil and noticed her jumping up on her window seat more! So happy with the outcome.” -L

Pet CBD Oil Review: Best Pet CBD

Is CBD legal for pets?

Navigating the legality of CBD pet products involves a nuanced understanding of state and federal regulations. Generally, CBD oils derived from hemp are legal at the federal level as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. This restriction aligns with the guidelines set forth by the Controlled Substances Act, indicating that CBD products falling within this THC threshold are not classified as controlled substances [13].

However, it’s crucial for pet owners to be mindful of state laws and regulations, as the legal status of CBD use for pets and humans can vary. For example, some states may have more stringent guidelines or specific provisions regarding CBD oil products, considering factors such as state medical marijuana laws and their impact on CBD’s legal status. Generally, state laws are informed by federal guidelines, ensuring that a CBD product purchased for pets complies with the less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC requirement [14]. Pet owners should seek products with zero THC from reputable sources like Earthy Now and review lab reports to ensure the product’s safety and efficacy.

Key takeaway

In conclusion, hemp-derived CBD oil stands out as a promising holistic approach to supporting the health and wellness of our pets [1]. From addressing aging to alleviating stress, CBD’s potential benefits are many. As pet owners increasingly turn to hemp-derived CBD products, it’s essential to approach their use with caution and consult with a veterinarian to ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved companions.

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Pet Owner’s Guide to Choosing the Right CBD Product

Medical Disclaimer / Legal Disclaimer – Information is provided for educational purposes. It does not and is not intended to constitute legal advice or medical advice. We attempt to be accurate and up-to-date, but the legality of cannabinoids and the science of cannabis are evolving. The author is neither a legal professional nor a medical expert. Before buying or using any products, you should check with your local authorities and medical providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

While individual responses may vary, many pet owners report positive outcomes when incorporating CBD into their pets’ wellness routines [1].

Determining the best non-prescription CBD products for pets depends on individual preferences and the specific needs of the pet. However, reputable brands like Earthy Now offer high-quality CBD oil tailored for cats and dogs. It’s essential to choose products that are specifically formulated for pets, ensuring they meet quality standards and adhere to legal requirements. Additionally, always consult a veterinarian to find the most suitable non-prescription CBD product based on your pet’s health and wellness goals.

The ideal CBD dosage for your pet depends on various factors, such as their size, weight, and the specific needs. To begin, start with a low dose and gradually increase while monitoring your pet’s response. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate CBD dosage based on your pet’s individual needs and characteristics [14].