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Lifter | 79.7% Total Terpenoids

Myrcene (Clove) | Ocimene (Fruit) | β-Carophyllene (Wood)

Lifter is a pioneering and award-winning, sativa dominant strain from Oregon CBD that comes from crossing SH 50 (Special Sauce x New World Haze) and Early Resin Berry (ERB). The combination of terpenes from these parents creates a gassy, funky sweet mix that hits the palate with just the right balance of bitterness. 

Primary terpenes from Lifter are myrcene, ocimene, and beta-caryophyllene converge with secondary level contributors like limonene, alpha-pinene and terpineol. Along with the dozens of additional terpenoids in this strain, the versatile blend goes from sweet to gassy with a distinctively sharp nose cutting through deep layers of the forest. 

ERB’s sweet berry and citrus essence is cut with sharp hops and nutmeg — reminiscent of the Special Sauce lineage. Spicy, warm, peppery flavors mixed with apples, baked goods and fuel are all present in this real deal, real dank profile.

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