Cannabis Terpenes | Suver Haze

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Suver Haze | 73.9% Total Terpenoids

Myrcene (Clove) | β-Carophyllene (Wood) | Limonene (Citrus)

Suver Haze is an award-winning, sativa dominant strain from Oregon CBD that was borne of crossing Suver 8 and Early Resin Berry (ERB). The cross produces a peppery spicy aroma and pungent woody and lighter skunk flavor. 

Top level terpenoids in Suver Haze are myrcene, beta caryophyllene and limonene. These pair with secondary ocimene, pinene and alpha-humulene. Along with the dozens of additional terpenoids in this strain, they create an exotic sour apple flavor with pleasant underlying sweetness. 

ERB’s sweet berry and citrus essence meets the Suver 8 green earthiness. A classic peppery sweet tone is present in the aroma and flavor indicating Haze is definitely in the family history. 

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