Borneol terpene is in balsam pine and cannabis
Nerolidol terpene is in the Tea Tree plant and cannabis
Valencene terpene is in grapefruit and cannabis
Sabinene terpene is in spices and cannabis
P cymene terpene is in earl grey tea and cannabis
Fenchol cannabis derived terpene is in basil and cannabis

You may not realize it, but you’ve experienced the aromatherapy of fenchol any time you’ve crushed basil leaves on a cutting board to put into a savory dish. Remember that blast of olfactory excitement? That sensation has a lot to do with fenchol. Likewise, fenchol can add to your enjoyment of certain cannabis strains as…

Camphene terpene is in valeria and cannabis
3 carene terpene is in bell peppers and cannabis
Guaiol terpene is in guaiacum and cannabis
Terpinene terpene is in spices and cannabis